OMC Cobra Winterization Procedure Basics You Must Know

It’s always a great help to you know about the basics before moving through a serious process. Here you are going to read about the OMC Cobra winterization procedure basics and are given below:

1) To condition the fuel system you need to add OMC 2+4 fuel conditioner to fuel system. Instructions should get followed to add conditioner as stated on the container. It will help to stabilize the fuel and also prevent the formation of varnish and gum in the entire fuel system. You need to do this before you continue with the following procedures.

2) You need to change motor oil and oil filter, and for that, the engine should first get operated under the load until the oil is thoroughly warmed up. A complete draining will get accomplished if before draining the oil is allowed to warm up. Thus, by this, a complete draining will be accomplished.

In addition to that, the accumulated impurities will be held in suspension by the oil and thus can get removed during the draining operation. You need to remove the motor oil by siphoning the oil out from the oil withdrawal tube. After that, you need to install a new oil filter and then fill the crankcase with recommended oil.

With the vertical drive in a full down position, you need to run the engine at a fast idle for some minutes to distribute the clean oil through the engine.

You can then shut off the engine and check the oil level and then check the oil filter gasket if there are any visible leaks. Fill the oil to such a level that it is not over the full mark.

3) You need to change the vertical drive lubricant by draining and then refilling with fresh OMC Hi-Vis gear case lube.

4) In non-EFI Models: You need to warm up the engine to ensure that the fuel conditioner is throughout the fuel system. You need to use the ½ pint of OMC Storage Fogging oil for a 12 ounces spray can to fog the engine.

In EFI models: You need to prepare an engine storage mixture in an outboard V6 gallon fuel tank which should consist of 5 gallons fuel, 4 `pints of OMC Storage fogging oil and 1 pint of OMC 2+4 Fuel Conditioner. You need to mix these ingredients thoroughly.

5) While draining the engine, you need to raise or lower the bow of the boat to position the engine in a horizontal plane which will provide for complete drainage of blocks and manifolds. An improper or an incomplete draining may result in the freeze damage to the engine, manifolds, vertical drive or other components. The free damage isn’t getting covered under the OMC’s warranty.

6) You need to drain the cavities in the vertical drive when the drive needs to get moved to a full tilt up position. The water drain plug should get removed from the port side of pivot housing. It’s a must to know the very basics when you prepare for an OMC Cobra boat parts adjustment.

7) Then you need to allow the unit to drain and then the drive should get moved to a full tilt down position. You need to crank the engine momentarily to let out any water trapped in the vertical drive water pump and cooling passages. Do the same procedure as before but now in a tilt up position. After it has been getting completely drained, you can replace the pivot housing plugs and return the drive to a full tilt down position.

8) You need to lubricate the Gimbal bearing, Shift bell crank and the Universal joints and then inspect vertical drive water pickup for any obstructions.