Some Guidelines to Keep Your Fridge Cleaner

A little care and washing will help a fridge run easily and keep its fillings fresh. Let’s discuss some easy tips and ideas to keep your refrigerator clean and look fresh always.

Tips to Clean Inside of a Fridge

  • First of all take away all food from fridge and place items especially milk and meat in an ice chest that has to stay cool to keep away from spoiling.
  • Remove the plug from power socket before starting a full, top to bottom and inner to outer washing.
  • Take away all removable shelves and wash those with warm soapy water or simply from tap water.
  • Wipe all dirt and dust from the walls of the refrigerator with white vinegar, an all-purpose detergent or a solution of soapy water and baking soda.
  • Rinse with water and dry each shelf and drawers carefully and place them back in the correct slot.
  • Once the fridge is clean and clear, connect the plug to the power socket.
  • Wait almost an hour before placing the foods back, so the fridge has a chance first to lessen the temperature efficiently.

Tips to Clean Outside of a Fridge

  • An all-purpose cleaner will take care of the usual print mark like fingerprint and stains that fridge doors attract.
  • Need to use a heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner to clean oily areas, such as the upper side of the fridge. You may also use a cleaning solution made up of one part ammonia to ten parts water. Let the solution will help to wipe off grease and oils with paper towels or rags. Always prefer to buy top model Blizzard fridges for best experiences and value for money.

Washing the Drain Pan and Condenser Coils

Clean accumulation of lint and dirt on the compressor coils and drain pan regularly because it causes a fridge to work too hard.

  • Before you start to clean drain pan and condenser coils, should unplug the power cord from the socket of the fridge.
  • The condenser coils get located behind the lowest front grille and on older models. In cycle defrost fridges with freezers, the condenser coils will get located at the back. To access drain pan and condenser coils, take away the coil by grasping. You should use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice accessory and impulse the tool as far as the unit as can.
  • Don’t try to bend the drain pan and condenser coils.
  • After cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils then washes the drain pan. Use cleaner, solution or soapy water to clean this and place it with baking soda to keep the drain pan smelling fresh.

Defrosting the Freezer

  • Defrost a cycle refrigerator when the frost is a half centimeter thick.
  • You should not try to use a sharp tool to scrape the frost as it will do severe damage.
  • You can use a dull plastic scraper, or you can place a pot of boiled water in the freezer to speed up warming when frost has extra thickness.

Inspecting the Seal

Seals, the rubber lining at the end of the doors keeping the cold air inner side, can become damaged. Check the seals for rigidity on a regular basis as they have to fit comfortably. You should check the door gasket by closing the door in several places. If the seals seem loose, replace it.

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