Why Fruits and Vegetables Should be Part of Your Weight Loss Diet

Most of the people know that for having a balanced and healthy diet, it is a must to include fruits and vegetables in our diet. In fact, recent studies have shown that eating fruits and vegetable helps not only in weight loss, but also it makes us happier.

The three main ingredients for encouraging weight loss diet plan is to take in low calories, low fat and high in fiber content food items. All 3 of these are available in fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables help in fighting off and protecting us from some diseases since they contain plenty of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Studies have shown that the volume of daily intake of our food content is constant without taking into consideration the calories of the food items. So it is essential to have food items, which have lower calories in them if we want to lose weight. And fruits and vegetables are those food items where the calories present in them are relatively low.

Most of the fruits and vegetables have a high volume of proteins and do not have many calories in them. For example, if we consume 150g of chicken, then we are consuming around 358 calories. But if we are consuming the same amount of vegetables, we are consuming only 98 calories. You can look at the above example to find out the difference in calories intake that can get benefited by switching our food intake from chicken to vegetables. Basically what happens when we switch our food intake to fruits and vegetables is that we eat the same volume of food, we will feel full and not hungry, but the calories that we have taken in will be drastically less than that of we used to take. Hence it will help you in weight loss tremendously without having to subject ourselves to starving.

Certain fruits and vegetables contain higher calories like banana, avocado, etc. And also some that have meager calories like spinach. It is not required to avoid fruits and vegetables with higher calories altogether since each fruit and vegetable has its benefits.

If we keep on having same fruits and vegetables every day, we will be fed up with the diet plan. So it is a wise decision to have a wide combination of fruits and vegetables on each day. Also, need not wholly avoid non-veg food items or else limit it to once in every week to treat yourselves with the non-veg food items. It will help you to be not bored with fruits and vegetables and be entirely committed to the diet plan.

Always note that having only dried fruits will not make you feel full. And also it is an excellent option to get the consultation from a nutritionist or weight loss experts like Dr. Dirk, to make sure that you are getting enough calories, vitamins, and nutrition to stay healthy. If we don’t get the required food calories, it may lead to diseases.

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