Live a Sustainable And Holistic Lifestyle

Many of us are wrapped up in a consumerism and we don’t even realise that we have fallen for all the ads, the lifestyle magazines, models, influencers, and media that persuades us we need to live a life where we should buy, buy, buy!

Most us are sold on consumerism

Having the best Apple laptop, iPhone, or sporting the latest Nike Airs is something many of us believe is the right way to spend our money and live our lives.

Our earth is running out of resources

If you think about the materials that go into the technology we buy, they are running short in supply but many of don’t even realise. It’s quite scary to think that within the next 20 to 30 years our planet will be so overpopulated that technology may not be able to save us.

We tend to congregate into cities

Now, the only thing that seems to be saving us is that many people tend to congregate into cities. If we spread ourselves out and gave ourselves some space, this might not be so good for our planet because where ever people seem to go there is destruction.

What would happen if we all spread out and gave ourselves space?

Building houses destroys the natural habitat of the creatures that once inhabited what was grassland. The material used to go into construction come from mines that also destroys the area where the mining takes place. Then on top of this, when we move into these homes, the waste that we create also causes destruction to the environment.

Is it all doom and gloom for the future?

Fortunately, there are ways to change the way that you live and see life. By living in natural buildings, we can keep warm or cool and reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.

Not constantly upgrading your phone just so you have the latest version – think about what happens to the old phone? Much of the material can’t even be burnt down and it certainly is not biodegradable.

There is still so much we can do to make just that smallest of difference to the world that we live in.


One of the latest trends to live a more holistic lifestyle is that of Permaculture. It includes natural farming, natural housing, social harmony, economising, and further theories that a help us to firstly understand the consumer frenzy we live in. Find out more about permaculture.

Secondly, it shows us alternative options, so we can make decisions for ourselves without being influenced by Vitoria Beckham or David Beckham advertisements saying we should be driving fast sports cars, wearing Police sun glasses and Armani suits.

In fact, permaculture is more about the concept of natural living, farming naturally, eating naturally, and using the natural materials our planet provides us with to live a lifer that does not influence or contribute to the destruction of our planet.

Nonetheless, the concept of consumerism and how we follow the big brands into believing our lives are nothing without the latest gadgets is quashed by the concept of Permaculture.

Essentially, we are learning how to unlearn the brainwashing ads and media lessons we are taught daily to make huge companies like Apple wealthier. Permaculture is not just a set of ideas that show us to be more in touch with nature.

When you look deeper into the idea of Permaculture, then you begin to realise it is telling you to do the opposite of consumerism – Permaculturists learn how to get in touch with nature, which is the opposite to consumerism. They are the ones saving our planet, and if something catastrophic does happen to our planet in the future, it is Permaculturists that are ones that will save us.

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