Billions TV Series – An Insight into the Main Cast

The name Showtime is familiar to the TV series lovers as it’s been home to various entertaining and successful shows such as Shameless, Ray Donovan, Homeland, Episodes, Twin Peaks, etc. Billions came as a great addition to the list of exciting Showtime series, and after the conclusion of 2 seasons, the viewers are keenly waiting for the Billions Season 3 as they announced the new episodes would get aired in 2018.

The fans of billions TV series can expect early months of 2018 release of the third season when because both season 1 and season 2 got aired during the winter. The chances are high to follow the same release timing for the third season, making the new season to get 2018 January or February release. There are discussions and debates over how the Billions Season 3 will tell the story or how the storyline get filled with suspense. Even some come with their predictions of what happens within the next 12 episodes of the season 3.

What maybe inline to entertain the Billions TV series followers, it’s obvious that something encouraging will be there to grab the episodes. By saying that, if you are a new follower of this TV series, it will be great to understand the main cast of the show before going to watch the third season. So let’s have a look at the main cast from the Billions TV series below:

Damian Lewis: He plays the role of Robert “Bobby” Axelrod, a billionaire manager of the hedge fund named Axe Capital. He is a Hofstra University graduate and one among the World Trade Center survivors. He is there to help the children of his colleagues who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks by paying their college tuitions. He keeps a public profile of an extremely charitable and generous person, but in fact, he is making use of insider trading and bribery to earn massive profits from his business acts.

Paul Giamatti: He plays the role of Charles “Chuck” Rhoades Jr., a U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY. His character gets deployed in a ruthless nature to hate those wealthy criminals trying to get their way out of the system of justice. Though he is handling the power of being a U.S. Attorney, he often struggling to save himself from outshined by his high earning wife. The ongoing fight between Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades is the main highlight of the series.

Maggie Siff: She plays the role of Chuck Rhoades’ wife, Wendy Rhoades. The character comes as the in-house performance coach at the Axe Capital, M.D, and a Psychiatrist. Wendy Rhoades is a highly motivated and successful self-possessed character. The best thing is that she works with Axelrod for more than 15 years and hence have a strong relationship with him.

Malin Akerman: She plays the role of Bobby Axelrod’s wife, Lara Axelrod. The character has a background where she was a former nurse who keeps her professional license. She left everything behind to be a devoted wife to her husband and children. Being a loving and caring wife, Lara hates it her husband’s close connection with Wendy Rhoades. She lost her brother during the September 11 attacks who was a firefighter.

Now just wait for the Billions Season 3 to get aired and see how the characters are getting the story running with lots of entertaining and exciting elements.

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