Why Do Many People Need To Undergo Joint Replacement Surgery

The main cause of joint replacement surgery is the various types of arthritis. It can be anything right from Rheumatoid arthritis or Osteoarthritis that leads to the inevitability of joint replacement surgery. This replacement surgery is, carried out on parts like hip, knee or wrist. This one gets performed when the other treatments have failed, and the pain of the patient has become intolerable. This condition occurs when the cartilage between the bones is so damaged that the tissues surrounding the joint get inflamed causing the inability of any movement.

The Things Leading To The Joint Replacement Surgery

The surgery is not the first option for the patients with joint arthritis. They are first administered various medications for the pain. The doctors also ask the patient to take up special exercises or physiotherapy. These are continued for some time to see how the patient is responding. If all of these medical techniques fail, then the orthopedist will suggest you take up the route of surgery.

According to onward orthopedics site, when the doctor tells you that you need to go for the surgery, you need to know that it is high time. This one is the time when you should not cause a delay in going for the surgery. The condition of the joints keeps on worsening as the time goes by and you keep on ignoring the problem. Make sure that you take the medicines regularly to avoid the need for a surgery. There are times when medicines and physiotherapy can arrest the problem and people have not needed surgery with continued medication.

The Two Common Types Of Bone Disorder Needing Surgery

The common problem that leads to joint replacement surgery is Osteoarthritis. It leads to a degradation of the joints of spine, wrist, knee and hip. These joints swell up and turn red or become stiff or soft. The three leading causes of this disorder are injury, ageing and obesity. These symptoms do not manifest themselves overnight but rather gradually.

According to Onward Orthopedics, Rheumatoid arthritis is another leading cause of patients going for joint replacement surgery. This one is a chronic inflammatory disease that targets the linings of the joints. When it reaches the advanced stages, it damages both the bones and cartilages by causing stiffness and swelling in them. The cases of Rheumatoid arthritis are the severest of cases as they are the situations that are not cured by medicines only. Some cases of Osteoarthritis are known to have been cured by medication.

If you are suffering from undeniable joint pain, then do not keep ignoring it and visit your doctor as soon as you can. Make sure that you consult with an expert orthopedist in the matters of the surgery as this is something that determines your ability of proper movement in the future. After you have selected your expert, make sure that the instructions given by him are promptly followed both before and after the surgery.

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