How Legionella Training Can Help Improve Workplace Safety

To know more about the risk assessment techniques related to Legionella, one must know about this type of bacteria. Legionella is a fatally infectious illness and is a category of pneumonia. It usually develops in the warm environment and is predominantly found in water tanks and kitchen sinks that sport a warm climate. In this context, it is interesting to note that any age group can be at risk of the Legionella infection. However, those with weaker immune systems are more prone to this type of bacteria. Moreover, men who smoke are at a higher risk of this illness. Hence, it is quite evident that this type of bacteria grows in warm and tropical climates.

The Risk Of Legionella Infection Emanating From Workplace Water

It is a widely accepted fact that this type of bacteria is predominantly present in human-made water supplies. For instance, these types of bacteria are found in cold and hot water domestic pipes. Moreover, if the conditions are suitable, the bacteria can multiply and can quickly invade the water supply tank of your office. This would increase the risk of a legionella infection which can put the entire staff of your office at risk. Moreover, if the water system is connected to a shower or a tap without any filters, it can pose a significant threat to the workers of the office. However, these days, the health and safety regulations have tightened the noose around the growth of the Legionella bacteria. On the other side, the rules associated with the control of these bacteria are stricter, and hence you need to follow them in a thorough manner.

The Presence Of Vulnerable People In The Workplace

If you have susceptible individuals present at your office, then you need to be cautious. It is so because these can quickly affect these types of individuals. Moreover, if your office has a large number of redundant showers and taps, consider eliminating them so that you can stop the growth of these bacteria. The best way to achieve this is by regular maintenance of the water systems. Interestingly, you can also opt for the frequent visits of the water supply department officials, and they would carry out theirrisk assessment tasks. However, at the time of the appointment of the officials of the water supply, make sure that you are read with the schematic diagram of the water system. The legionella training can effectively reduce the chances of water-borne illnesses.

From the above points, it is quite clear that regular assessment should be carried out on the water tanks in the workplace. Moreover, these risk assessment tasks should be carried out by a competent authority. It has been made mandatory for the water supply department to opt for these types of assessments on a regular basis.

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