What are the critical factors in a suitable metal detector?

Buying a metal detector can be a tricky business. The market is filled with choices, and each company specialises in making a device with has its selling point. Thus, while buying an investigative tool for uncovering precious metals, one should remember to make a list of goals one wants to achieve with the device. If the objective is to have a gadget for only recreational purposes, one should go with a device which uses the low-frequency technology. Also, the pointers like price, specifications of the gadget, and usage should be kept in mind before buying the device.

Here, the given pointers have been elaborated for the reader’s convenience:

  • Price of the device: In the market, metal detectors are available in different price ranges. The amateur users can buy a device at a very lower cost. Such devices can track the metal within the scope of seven to eight inches below the ground. On the other hand, the methods meant for the professional gold hunter might be costly.
  • Purpose of the device: This is also an essential factor to keep in mind before spending the money on the metal detector. If the user is planning to use the tool for hunting for objects like coins, metallic relics or artefacts, etc., buying a product specialising in locating the same could be ideal.
  • Topology and metallic content of the soil: One should do a little research regarding the type of land found in the area and what is its metallic material. Aground where the precious metals are buried deep within, would require a machine which can pick up the minute frequencies released by the objects. The metallic content of the soil might sometimes disturb the reading of the machine. An excellent investigative device must be able to produce a reading which is not readily disturbed by such phenomenon.

Some of the critical features of a metal detector:

  1. Precise Identifying: This feature is one of the most important specifications of the metal detector. With the help of this feature, the user can pinpoint the targeted object very
  2. Calculating depth: The metal detector which comes with a depth calculator can be useful for the precious hunting metals. The indicator helps the user to figure how deep the object is buried in the ground.
  3. Removing distortions: This feature can be beneficial for finding objects buried in the ground with the high amount of iron or zinc. While answering the question, what is the best metal detector for gold, this feature should be kept in mind.


The amateurs gold hunters an easily buy the favorite device, with the help of these pointers given in this article.

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