How To Choose The Right Cushion For Doing Yoga And Meditation

The cushions can be used for doing yoga and meditation in the privacy of your home.These pillows provide excellent support for the back, and between the yogic sessions, you can relax for a while on them. These comfortable pads can also align the spinal cord making it easier for you to concrete and relax your mind.These pillows release the pressure from the joints making it easier to sit while doing yoga.While sitting on an even surface, you can gain more significant benefits with the help of this cushion.

Cushion And Yogic Positions:

The most common yogic positions include thesavasana(lying position),padmasana (crossed-legged) and Ardha-padmasana (half-lotus position). While doing these positions, you will be either sitting or lying on the floor. Having a pillow or mat accordingly helps in getting the most benefit from these positions.These pillows provide a firm foundation for the body. Using a round cushion with raised supports for the hips gives adequate support to the spine and back. When the back is aligned naturally, your shoulder, neck and head can have a comfortable position. It can help you in avoiding back pain and tension in joints.

A person with higher stature can choose a pillow with higher lift. Such pads are also ideal for people with limited amount of movement.These pillows provide more considerable support to the lower section of the body.

More Variations Of Cushion:

These pillows as the name suggested are shaped in the design of fortune cookies.They come with a build in incline giving the extra back support. The extended portion of the comfortable padding provides support to the thighs and legs. Anyone can use this pillow while exercising or meditating. However, this cushion is best suited for the people with the lesser amount of flexibility.

Another variant of these pillows is available in the market with minor lift. This variant of the pad is meant for people who have more flexibility and experience in doing yoga.The rectangular shaped meditation cushion is also ideal for getting a good lift.The pillow also helps in lifting the heels.

The different varieties of cushions are supposed to help you in doing Yoga and meditation. The pillow with lift makes it easier for the people with the lesser flexibility to achieve right yogic positions without many troubles.These cushions also help in providing support to the knees, back and shoulders.

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