What are the things to look for while buying a garage door opener?

A garage door opener helps you with easy access to your home. Not only does it help you to get easy access to your home, but it also does help you to get your home more secure. To make it more convenient, the door opener can be combined with home-automation system connectivity and smart-device compatibility to increase its efficiency. Now, there are many types of garage door opener such as a belt-drive, chain drive and direct-drive models. Each of these garage door openers serves a different purpose. So, here is a complete guide to choosing the best garage door opener for your home.

The different types of garage door opener

The basic component of a garage door opener is a motor, a trolley and a garage door. The motor is connected to the trolley which is set on a rail. With the help of the motor, the trolley moves forward or backwards and pushes the garage door either to open up or to close. The main difference between all these garage door openers is the functioning of the motor and how it moves the trolley. So, here are the different garage door opener and their functioning.

  1. Chain-drive garage door opener

In a chain-drive garage door opener, a metal chain is used for driving the trolley to either open or close the garage door. The main notable benefit of a chain-drive garage door opener is that it is much cheaper than the others. But the main disadvantage of a chain-drive garage door opener is it creates a lot of sounds as well as a lot of vibration. So, this isn’t a wise choice if your garage is in your drawing room or your bedroom.

  1. belt-drive garage door opener

The functioning of a belt-drive garage door openeris somewhat similar to the chain-drive system. The main difference stands in its components. In a belt-drive garage door opener, a belt is used instead of a chain which provides a much more soundless functioning. Though not as economically efficient as a chain-drive garage opener, this belt-drive garage door opener is a wise choice for the garages that are built under your bedroom or living room.

  1. Screw-Drive Garage Door Openers

It is one of the most soundless functioning options for a garage door. In this case, a motor itself moves along the track which makes it a space saver and fewer complexes too. It also requires minimum maintenance which makes it more efficient. Here is the best ouvre porte de garage to choose from.


A perfect garage door opener will result in a more efficient and secured garage door. There are plenty of garage door options available, though each of them serves the same purpose, the functioning of each of them is different as well as the security concerned.