What Are The Procedures To Be Undertaken To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Bathroom

Cleanliness of the bathroom is essential, and this task is never that fun. We all love to see our bathrooms sparkle and for it, we have the option to hire a maid. From preventing your bathroom becoming the grossest place in your house if you have the clean it on a regular basis. If you find the cleaning procedure hard, then it is suitable to appoint maid who would be efficient to take care of the same. Maintaining the bathroom equals to maintaining the hygiene of your home.

Removing Stains

If you find it hard to remove the heavy stains over the sink and the rub, then you can use ultra fine sandpaper. Following this, you have to use a piece of clean cloth to rinse off the extra water to make it dry. In this category, you might also have to clean the dirt that gets collected in the mouth of the shower. For the same, you can use vinegar solution and soak the shower in it overnight and get back the bright lustre of the shower. In addition to vinegar, you can also apply borax.

Cleaning The Toilet Brush

One of the essential utensils is the toilet brush that helps to clean every nook and corner of the washroom should be cleaned every day to keep it clean. Further, cover the brush with some clean piece so that it does not come in contact with any dirt easily. You need to get a bucket full of hot water and add some amount of bleach and then deep the brush into the solution.

Instead of using a bar soap at the sink, it is preferable that you use liquid hand wash. The same also goes for body liquid shower gel that should be used instead of bar body soap. Eliminating the bar soap would help to maintain the cleanliness of the sink.

As part of cleaning the bathroom, you also need to set a cabinet in the bathroom space and ensure that it has ample towel bars. Instead of hanging the towels, the cabinet system shall help to make your bathroom look cleaner.

It is important to mention that you should keep room fresheners in the bathroom to eliminate any unwanted odor from swirling in the bathroom space. Without keeping the bathroom closed, try to open the windows and make proper ventilation process in the bathroom. Instead of using cheap bathroom suites, it is preferable to use quality products.

By now this should be known to you that a damp and dark bathroom gives birth to mould and organisms. Apart from ventilation, you also need to check that the bathroom is well-lighted.