Why Is It Important To Opt For An Independent Hosting Server

Self-hosted blogs are the ones on which you have complete control. Self-hosting occurs when you host the blog with a web hosting service rather than a free blogging service. A free blogging service will control your blog’s layout, ads, contents, monetization, and even the domain name. Self-hosting, on the other hand, gives you the broadest range of freedom and functionality in building up your online presence. You have to pay a small fee for self-hosted blogs, but that is a negligible amount when you compare it with the freedom that you get making it the reason why many people are opting for Self-hosting.

Top Five Benefits Of Self-Hosting Your Blogs

The multiple benefits are the reason why bloggers old and new are opting for Self-hosting. The following are some of the reasons why Self-hosting is becoming popular.

Complete control over the blog: This factor is one of the most important ones in the eyes of most bloggers. Building a blog is a lot like building a brand, and if you do not have control over your brand, the point of opening a blog is lost. Self-hosting never holds you back which makes it a chosen opting for the free blogging sites which can feel like too controlling about your blog.

Making money from the blog: Monetizing a blog can be done in more ways than one and Self-hosting gives you the freedom to choose how you want to monetize your blogs. Free blogging typically does not allow you to monetize your blog until you have a certain number of views. Free blogging platforms put up their ads on the blogs and those can be taken down by spending a sum of money. Self-hosting also means that whatever you earn is solely yours with no share of the blogging platform.

Customized themes: The blog layout is an important factor in keeping readers interested in reading more. Custom themes play an important role in user interaction. Self-hosting gives you the opportunity to select and implement any type of custom them you want.

Data analytics: Data analytics lets you see how your blog is faring in the online space. Google has its analytics software called Google Analytics that allows you monitor your progress. While blogging on the internet, you can only use the analytical tools on the self-hosted blogs. You can thus gauge what is working on your blog and what needs to be changed on the best web directories list.

Self-hosted blogs are increasingly becoming the norm nowadays, but that does not mean that free blogging platforms have lost their ground. It is important that you think of all of your options before coming to a decision.