What factors should be considered while choosing the right fittings of your leggings?

Getting the right size and the length of the leggings can be challenging enough, and it can be more difficult when planning to shop online. Are you looking for the one that gives the best comfort or the one that is flattering to enhance your legs? Are you looking for the one which is a combination of both comfort and beauty? If such is the case, then you can go by the size chart that would guide you well to pick the right option. With the introduction of leggings, it has gone through many changes in its pattern from its inception. Several other patterns of pants and trousers have come into being, but the leggings are trending and common among all Indian women.

Steps to choose the right leggings

  • Length – As known, leggings can come in different lengths and choosing the right one is completely a personal choice. Pairing it with the right colored top or kurta would look such that it is put together perfectly. Whichever length you opt for, it should be perfectly fit the legs such that you can easily flaunt your legs.
  • Size – Other than the length, it is also important to get the right size of the leggings. They should not be loose after wearing that might make you look sloppy. Make it that you pick the right size such that it does not end up in an unpleasant sight.
  • Printed Leggings – You would also find printed and workout leggings, and it is preferable to get it more body-hugging for your workout sessions. There are several prints available when opting for printed leggings, and you can easily pair it up with your favorite top.
  • Color – Plenty of colors are available to pick from. You can pair them with the contrasting color including neon colored leggings as well.
  • Fabric – Among the common fabrics of leggings, you would find lycra and cotton. It is an important factor when opting for the right leggings. The quality of the fabric would determine the comfort, and therefore, it is advisable to opt for a high-quality one. In addition to this, there are also leather and suede option which look extremely stylish complementing your whole outfit.

There are several brands available from which you can get the right size of the leggings. You can look for the appropriate LuLaRoe leggings size chart when opting to buy leggings from this brand as it offers excellent comfort and is available in plenty of colors.


However, irrespective of whether you are shopping from the online or offline mode, going through the size chart would be helpful to get the ideal one that would be your best fit. Also, try to pair up with a top or kurta that falls below the hip length to make the outfit look perfect.

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