How to play dart 01 games effectively using the strategies?

There are several dart games and one of them is the 01 games. Among these, 301 and 501 are quite popularly played among the dart players. This game can be played both from the comfort of your home and in the bars as well. In order to effectively play the game, the players have to know the tactics of the same in order to score high in the game. The 3012 and 501 are considered to the international standards of the game. In the first place, the techniques of the game might seem to be simple enough, but can complex as well.

How to play the game?

This game is played between two players or between a team of two. The common numbers to aim for in this game is 19 and 20 and there are high chances to score these numbers while playing 301 and 501.

As the game starts, each of the players would have a score of either 501 or 301. Either of the players can start subtracting the points as soon as the player hits the double in the game. Therefore, it is better to practice how to get doubles before your opponent can.

There is a straight in technique and the 501 game starts with the straight in policy. It indicates that the game has to start either by hitting a single or any number on the board. As you start playing the game, the points would start to get subtracted from 501 points.

In case of doubling out in the game, either of the players would have to ‘double out’ in order to win the game. It means that the player has to hit a double in order to score a zero. In case, the score in 28, then you have to hit a 14 in order to win the game. In case you hit less than that, then the game would start from the total that is left.

What strategies should be followed?

According to the ‘out strategy’, players can hit three darts back to back and the number they score would start to get deducted from 301 or 501. But in the case of this strategy, several combinations are available. In case of even number, the main aim to double out the number such that it comes to zero. Therefore, it is better to know the best techniques before you start to play Dart games 301.

In order to hit the dart and score properly, you should acquire knowledge about the game. If you happen to miss out a double and hit the single then the number would be halved. The rules would be different in case of an odd number and your strategies should be creative enough.

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