Bathurst 1000: Tv Schedule, Start Time

As the name suggests, Bathurst 1000 is a touring race that spans for 1000 kilometers held annually at the famous Mount Panorama Circuit in New South Wales, Australia. For those with a taste for an adrenaline rush, such an event of supercar championship competing heatedly for the first space holds much appeal. It is one of the most popular andrevered motorsports in Australia with millions of enthusiastic fans turning up each year to witness the event. Also termed as “the great race” by devoted fans and media circles, Bathurst 1000 is considered to be at the pinnacle of motorsports in Australia.

Origin Of Bathurst 1000

Conceived initially as endurance motorsport in 1960 at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, the 1960 Armstrong 500 was a race for standard sedan cars. It was later relocated to Bathurst in 1963,and hence the name Bathurst 1000 was adopted along with the location ever since. Bathurst 1000 is held on the popular Mount Panorama Circuit that was first opened and used in 1938 for the Australian Grand Prix and later became the regular hosting ground for such races.

Held in October every year, such a race holds a lot of appeals and attracts competitors, sponsors, and audience not just from Australia but from all over the globe. The track weaves through a complex network of twists and turns with straight roads as well, making it a perfectly balanced venue for hosting races. Increased safety regulations according to international FIA standards also mate it immensely safe for viewers and drivers alike.

Schedule For 2018 Bathurst 1000

Dubbed as the “world’s premier production saloon car race” the circuit rests on a mountain with a difference of 174m in height between its lowest and highest point. There have been numerous changes in the class, type and general regulations of the race since it was first hosted. Since 2006, all the winners of Bathurst 1000 race were awarded the Peter Brock trophy introduced in memory of the legendary “King of the Mountain” Peter Brock, who won the event nine times.

According to the 2018 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 schedule, the motor racing event for the current year has been decided upon to commence from 4th to 7th October during the weekends. Scheduled to be held at the same race venue with a 1000km race and is set to be the second event of the 2018 Enduro Cup with live streams by websites available for those wishing not to miss the live action.

Bathurst 1000 is not only one of the most renowned and widely covered race event in the motorsport industry, but have also produced talents that are immortally etched in the records of the sports industry. With the oncoming event, the spirits are charged with enthusiasm and anticipation on who the next winner would be this season.

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