Million-Dollar Monster Energy Cup All-Star Race

Everybody wants to be a millionaire at one point. One can participate in the choosing their favorite rider who he or she thinks is going to win at all three crucial events of the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. Then he or she gets to win a million dollar and fulfill their dreams. The riders need to succeed in all the three laps of the exhibition race. The championship even airs at various TV channels like Fox network, Fox Sports 1, Fox borough and the entire Fox family. Fans outside U.S and Canada can have access to watch the championship online by subscribing to the video pass and gain the liberty to watch it live on monster energy portal and app.

What Are The Statistics Of The Audience In Monster Energy Supercross?

Researches show that about eighty thousand fans were witnessing the terrific competition on the track in its last season and on average it gains the attention of fifty thousand fans on each race.

Some Facts About The FIM World Championship

There are various important factors that one must know about the Monster Energy Supercross. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is an off-road bike racing championship that takes place indoors. It is said that the races are made from dirt dragged into stadiums. This helps in preventing the common obstacles experienced on the road like jumps, turns, and bumps and puts them in easy view of spectators.
  • The 450SX Class and the 250SX Class are the two divisions of the classes in the race. It is divided into East and West areas, and each has its champion.
  • It has four or five gears in it, and the shift lever is at the left foot peg.The bikes can be of any color, but usually the teams’ sticks with the same colors as the machines.
  • The ultimate evolution of the sport can be witnessed with the Supercross track.In between the various hurdles, the riders must negotiate every round are whoop sections, rhythm sections and triple jumps. Many of the turns have heaped turn, but some are also flat.
  • It takes about five hundred trucks of dirt piled to make the Supercross track. Soil conditions can either be muddy, sandy, rutted or could be of any combination. Regular riders would find it terrible to go around even on a Supercross track, live alone racing at high speed for that matter. All such exciting facilities the rider can get at Monster Energy Supercross

American motorcycle association in collaboration with Monster Energy Supercross has brought this great opportunity to give fans a token of appreciation for their love towards racing series and their incredible participation in making this event grow every year.

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