How To Use Hair Straighteners Properly Without Damaging Your Hair

Irrespective of what kind of hair straightener you use, it all ultimately comes down to the usage and application. Hair straighteners are great tools indeed, but it is important that you use them in the right way. Using a hair straightener at home is not rocket science but also not just another piece of cake. Take a look at the smart tips on how to use a hair straightener at your home without having to go to the parlor.

  • Step 1 – Any right approach to beauty enhancement begins with deep cleansing. In this era of sheer pollution and toxins, you need cleansing anyway. So wash your hair thoroughly with a good shampoo, conditioner and blow dry it. Then keep your hair moist and to do that you can also towel dry the same. It is suggested that you detangle your hair as well before straightening.
  • Step 2 – This is one of the most significant step if you not want to end up damaging your hair. Using a heat protection spray is the best idea. Your entire straightening experience will become much easier with this. Also if you are using a serum, make sure that you do not apply it to the roots of the hair.
  • Step 3 – Do not forget to part your entire hair into two primary strands. This will help you to concentrate better and not leave out any strand.
  • Step 4– It is important to set the plate into the right temperature. Once you are experienced, you are the best person to know what temperature shall suit you the best. You can take help from the manuals available. If you have very long hair, the temperature needs to be high and vice-versa.
  • Step 5 – It is important to leave a gap from the root and straighten. Straighten one streak of hair at a time to avoid tangling up. It will be a more clean-cut approach. You can simply use clips like they do in the parlor. Continue the repeat the same approach for all layers of your hair.

Hair Straighteners are available in different settings, plates, models nowadays and you do not have to compromise on your choices. There are several good brands the straighteners of which work exactly like the professional ones.

Well coming to the main point now, do not continue to apply the straightener if you discover any sizzle and try not to overdo it either. If you are well informed about the usage and can apply it properly, there is no chance of hair damage which is the biggest myth of all times. So, as you are done with straightening all strands, just flaunt your brand new hairstyle with utmost conviction.

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