How To Do Makeup To Get White Skin

If you are looking for perfect makeup tips then you are at the right place. Let’s disclose everything step by step.

Exfoliate your face

This is the first step before you even think of applying any make up on the face. You can use an exfoliating product that is suitable for your skin type. Take a clean cloth, dip it in some hot water and place it over your face. What this does is to open up the skin pores. Afterwards, apply the exfoliating paste on the face and neck. Gently massage it in circular motions to remove the dead skin. After a short while, wash off the paste using warm clean water. This will make your skin glowing and brighter.


The trick with moisturizing is to apply just a small amount. Apply it evenly across the entire face and massage it in circular motions. Do not leave out the neck. Give it some time before applying any make up.

Apply Make Up

Before you start with my steps I want you to watch this video –

Start with the foundation. The right foundation to bring out a fair skin is one that is of a light color. Squeeze the foundation cream onto your palm. Now use your fingers to apply small portions of it on the nose, cheeks, fore head and chin. Massage it gently onto the skin working from the center towards the outward. Once this is done, ensure to evenly distribute it by rubbing your face with both palms. Do the same for the neck too. After this, your skin should look lighter, if not apply some more make up. However, do not overdo it.

The next step is applying compact powder to give you that perfect fair skin. Pick a shade for a light skin tone. Use a powder brush to do the application. Dab the brush onto the product and remove any excess powder on it. You can now apply it on the face using long strokes and sweeping motions. Ensure to evenly blend it across the entire face and the neck as well.

The next thing to do is apply mascara. This is especially important because it contributes to having a flawless and fair skin. Go for a black colored mascara and use a mascara brush to apply. Start at the root of each eyelash moving towards the tip. Work on every single eyelash. Now use an eye brow pencil to fill in your eyebrows. Choose a color that corresponds with their natural color. Use light strokes to fill them in.

Get some make up wipes and use them to remove any excess makeup that may be present on your skin. Gently rub it off so that you have a more natural but fair look. Lastly, wear a dark colored lip gloss or lip stick. Go for colors such as red and pink that will contrast your skin tone. This make it look brighter.

Final Words!

I hope you have understood the steps I mentioned. You can also get advice from your beauticians and skincare experts.

What Are The Prerequisites To Become A Popular Fashion Designer In Recent Times?

Women fashion industry is spreading fast. As soon as designers showcase a new design or trend in prestigious fashion shows, the local manufacturers also start to produce such garments. It is not possible for all to possess the expensive brands. So, cheap products will come to your rescue and assist you to stay with the trend. To understand the fashion market, you need to be a part of this industry. The best method to do this is to become a fashion designer yourself. If you are good at your craft, you may be able to launch your line of garments within no time.

Evolution In The Kaftan Designs

Kaftans are no longer worn by Muslim women to cover their entire body. Apart from the traditional kaftans, you will also find designer pieces, which go with swimwear only. The recent craze is of kaftan dresses. These may be long or of medium length. Team it up with a chunky belt to accentuate your waistline. It will give you a unique look, and people will follow your style. But one needs to know about mixing and matching these dresses with accessories. Only a fashion designer has these details.

Have A Creative Mind

If you wish to carve your niche in the market, then you need to possess a creative mind. Fashion designers give birth to new trends and styles. They have the power to create something new. If you do not have creativity and imagination, then this is not the profession for you.

Dare To Think Out Of The Box

To acquire fame in the fashion world, you need to do something unique. If you follow standard patterns, people will not pay attention to your creations. Do not shy away from making bold moves. Try bright colours, and create new cuts, which other do not know of. It is your ticket to fame and success in the fashion market.

Innovate Something New

Recently, many celebs have popularised the embellished kaftan. Fashion designers need to take something old and innovate it in their way. Earlier, the trend was of printed kaftans. But now, you will see more embroidery and use of beads and stones on these unique dresses. Be it a kaftan dress or a beach kaftan; you will see bring and colourful embellishments on these.

As the demand for various types of kaftans in on the rise, the number of kaftan manufacturers is also growing steadily. Women of all age groups have a fascination towards beach kaftans. These hide their flaws but allow them to wear a bikini and other types of swimwear without hesitation. If you too desire to flaunt your slim figure, then you can purchase a coastal kaftan or cover-up. There are numerous designs and varieties in the market. It means every woman will get something that suits her style.

Why Following Fashion Blogs can be a Great Hobby?

Everyone has some hobbies as part of their day to day life. Some likes to maintain the garden, some look for pet caring, while some others love writing and reading. What may be the nature of your hobby, you are following it because you love it most. If you are a person love reading a lot and also a fashionista; definitely, the best thing you can have as part of your hobbies is to follow some blogs written and managed by famous fashion experts.

A blog, in general, getting written with an aim to provide something useful to the readers. So when we take the case of a fashion blog, you are getting an opportunity to learn about various fashion concepts and related ideas that too at free of cost. The best thing when you find it as a hobby is that you spend some dedicated minutes to read them. It’s essential to be focused while you read so that you are going to catch things as efficiently as possible.

Below are some of the benefits that you can aim for if you are truly into following fashion blogs as a hobby:

New Fashion Tips, Tricks and Advice

What a fashionista often need to get is new thoughts and ideas to improve his fashion concepts and try different appearances. If you are reading a famous blog about style and fashion run by an experienced guy from the industry, then you already opened the door for some quality information to improve your overall fashion thoughts thus to help yourself look awesome all the day.

Learn about Latest Fashion Trends

The fashion bloggers always try to cover latest trends in different areas as it happens to show they are getting well updated with every move. Such an attitude from those bloggers comes as a blessing in disguise to you as you are getting an opportunity to learn about those updates straightaway without much effort and spending nothing but a few minutes. The fashion world is catching different trends and styles with high pace, and hence your tool to flow with such trends is fashion blog platforms driven by veterans.

Hugely Influence Your Buying Behavior

A fashion blogger through his well-crafted posts can affect you largely on deciding what to buy and what not to get purchased. They help you provide all required information to know about famous brands out there and enable you with useful information to choose best brand products and services. It may not be the case in the past before you being a fashion blog lover.

Some Quality Reading Time

Yes, you are reading hobbyist. Nothing comes to entertain a reading lover as much as he enjoys when moving through some well-written articles. If the articles are all about something that interests you, then it gets doubled the level of satisfaction. Caring yourself to follow leading fashion blogs, you ensure some quality reading time as well.

Inspire You to be a Fashion Blogger

As you get addicted to reading fashion elements of those blogs, it somehow makes you think why can’t you manage your blog and serve something you have learned all these days with your friends’ circle? It’s not a bad deal at all to have your fashion blog and make someone happy sharing something to make his day.

How Can Boredom Be Dressed up with Delight by Heartfelt Gesture?

As the cycle of day and night continue to roll on and on day after day, the monotony of livelihood takes its toll upon people. The rush and pressure of work remain the same, so also does the chores at home, but somewhere individuals crave for a change or break. Given to modern day’s sky-scaling work pressure, going outdoors amidst of a work-loaded week or month appears like a utopia. The society of 22nd century has to rely on smaller moments to acquire mental rejuvenation. Such handful but wholesome minutes of pleasure can be made to born by gifting the valuable peoples of life heart-filling tokens.

The Cardinal Essentially

In today’s world, speed and deftness are the two basic hymns that everyone needs to keep in the brain to scale up the stairs of accomplishment. These two drive people to run dodge and move ahead. But in this process, what gets most affected is the personal life of an individual. Days get passed by, and relationships remain uncared for. When communications become lesser and least, tissues of bonds fall apart. Therefore whenever an opportunity comes by, no time must be lost in elating the dear and intimate individuals. Bestowing them with exuberant and entertaining tokens brings back the colour of affection and feelings in the tie shared with them.

A gift upholds the fact that may be there have been days of non-interaction between the sender and the recipient, but the later one always dwells in the former one’s thoughts. The norms of emotions state that the glee of giving surpasses the joy of receiving. Whereas the receiver feels fondled; the giver experiences absolute contentment in being able to do what is needed to enrich a treasured relation.

The Exquisite Spell

It is true that physical presence or time spending is incomparable to any material thing in this world. But when that seems next-to-possible, gifts appear as the peerless nurturer of bonds. More than endowment of souvenirs during celebration times, casual gifting works much wondrously. A bunch of aromatic flowers for the person staying awake late at night at home shows to the one how much the one’s existence matters.  A garment for the kin with whom words exchange has almost stopped revives the intensity of amity with him/her.

A box of the elders’ preferred sweets reveals how they are esteemed. And when the little one is bestowed with the favourite chocolate, the pride of having a pleasurable elder overwhelms the small mind. Likewise, when a childhood buddy is presented with the one’s best-loved cookies, the delicacy of the grubs retrieves for the one the frenzy childhood that had been spent with the giver. Such of these surprise bestowals, including the jovial gift baskets, are indeed the perfect tonic to cloy bonds of sentiment.

Gifts message with impeccability the words wanted to be spoken. Their price never appears to be the factor in determining their worth. Their essence remains imbibed in their selection and the timing chosen for their bestowing. For erasing agonies and touching the chords of mind, gifts stand incomparably to any other endeavours. Finding a worthy gifting portal will be easy if you are aware of the essential qualities it must have.

Making it Right with Short Boxed Beard – An Experts Guide

The short boxed beard is that kind of style of beard grooming which is kind of equivalent to the role player of a soccer team. You know that kind of man. He is around you. He portrays leadership, he is open to challenges, and he tends to be the reason for the team’s success. When others tend to get enough of the spotlight, this guy shows up every night and gets his job done.

He is that kind of man who chooses the right alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to look exactly like a mountain man or a caveman.

The short boxed is that simple yet stylish beard which is an acceptable beard at the workplace. This kind of beard can be grown a little beyond the standard work length, but it has sharp defined borders keeping its end to a teeny growth below the chin.

It gets considered as the most professional of facial hair styles, and you might have also realized that it is the one which has guys at the top of the professional ladder adorning a short boxed beard. It showcases as those men who like the ruggedness but also would want it nice and neat and clean.

The short beard strokes provide that extra ‘It’ factor to those guys who have an angular or a heart shaped face. It provides a balance to the lower half. Neat lines and hard angles can get etched to round or oval shaped men who carry this short boxed beard. But short boxed beard may not suit those men who have a square face structure as it may picture a heavy bottom structure.

How to shave the short boxed beard?

Firstly, you need to shave away the stray whiskers from those areas which are less dense. It includes your cheeks where you need to highlight your cheekbones and other bone structures.

You can use a trimmer so that you can create a sloping border from your sideburn to the mustache area. You can take the help of your beard growth’s natural borders as a borderline. You can repeat the same to the other side of your face as well and make sure that you have worked your best in maintaining an equal balance between both the sides of your face.

You want to support your beard to grow to about one or two inches beneath your jawbone before you have tried creating your lower border. A more natural looking line can get created if you trim your hair a bit shorter along this lower border. It creates a natural looking style and not robotic. You will need to use your trimmer two to three times a week so that you can maintain its length and borders. Along with it, you must be well aware of how to use beard comb effectively.

The color and the density of your beard will determine the beard’s ideal length. Trimming your beard to a quarter of an inch is a good start. Those who have dark beards tend to look fuller than those who have light whiskers. If your beard is red or blonde, make sure that you allow it to grow a little longer to appear full and filled-in.