Why are the luxury and scented wax candles popular among the millennials?

Candles are common household items and don’t get adequate attention. People pull out these wax sticks only when there is a power outage or when they need to pray. Birthday parties, romantic dinners and non –violent protest marches will be incomplete without these tapers. Though electricity reduces the use of nightlights, these are still in high demand. With time, simple wax tapers paved the path for scented wax sticks. Then the market saw the arrival of luxury candles. These items were rather attractive and came with a high price tag.  People with surplus money opt for these luxury items over the simple ones.

Decoration is the primary objective

The main aim, behind the manufacture of the luxury wax or get tapers, is decoration. These items will add charm to the room. Whether your interior has a traditional or contemporary theme, you will get suitable spills in the market. If you fail to acquire these in the nearest store, then check online. There are portals, which specialise in the sale of similar wax or get spills. Apart from various shapes, you will get the desired colours as well. The outer surface of the wax sticks may have glitter. Textured wax torches are also in high demand.  Contemporary interior designers depend on these products to intensify the beauty of offices and residential buildings.

Seen as a status symbol

One must agree that the packaging of luxury wax torches is very alluring. These items are not mandatory for the beautification for every home. But beauty lovers have a hard to keep themselves away from these unique candles. Factories use gel and artificial was to make these items. As the price of these materials is high, manufacturers charge more for each taper. This high price makes these products exclusive and thus, a status symbol.

Reputed designers collaborate with such manufacturing companies to create an exclusive line of gel or wax nightlights. Only the privileged can purchase these products. Ordinary people can settle with the dupes of designer pieces, which cost far less. People, who can buy luxury products, seldom light these up. These become priceless add-ons in their collection.

Any wax taper-manufacturing company knows that it a multi-million dollar industry. The exact figure will shock a common person. Each year, the factories require around one billion pounds of beeswax to meet the night-light requirements in America. One can only imagine the number of scented candles used all around the globe.

However, one need not spend big bucks on luxury candles. If you shun “brand conscious” attitude, then you can purchase similar candles at low rates. One cannot put a price tag on the beautiful glow of wax taper lights. Simple things are rather easily available if you know where to search.