What Are The Rules You Need To Follow While Wearing Mala Beads

There are some rules that you need to follow while wearing mala bracelets and necklaces. The first rule is that the mala must never come in contact with the ground. It is held as an unethical practice that purges the beads from their intentions and energies. You can learn how to take care of and cleanse the mala beads to recover the balance if they happen to fall on the ground by accident. It is also a rule to not allow any other person to touch the beads though it is a hard rule to follow since the beads look stunning.

The Right-Hand Rule Of Wearing Mala Bracelets

If you have got some new mala bracelets, you are surely thinking of what are the ways you can use to wear them. There are personal choices and preferences, and if you believe that not following the rules associated mala bracelet 27 beads will not affect you, then you can wear it in any way that you want. However, the traditional rule states that japa mala wrist beads must be worn on the right wrist.

So, if you are wrapping a mala into a bracelet or you have got some new mala bracelet, and you want to wear it the right way, wear it on the right hand. Many people use a mala bracelet for healing that has 108 beads to wear around the wrists. However, it does not mean that the style and benefits will get reduced if you wear the mala beads on the left hand. The mala beads will pick on the energies regardless of what you decide to do. So, it comes down to if you need the prayer beads to be used traditionally or not.

Wearing The Mala In Your Unique Way

It is significant to keep in mind that you remain the biggest influencing factor in the way the prayer beads act for you. If you are sporting the mala bracelet for meditation on the right hand because it is the traditional way, but that throws off the chakra and makes you feel uneasy, you are better off moving the bracelet to the left hand.

The mala beads bracelet should match your sensibilities, and if you to accessories with the mala, you need to keep that in mind. The relation that you have with your mala is special, and the way you wear it must represent that.

The pieces of the mala need to resonate with your spirit and energy. As long as it is doing that, you can wear it in any way that you want. It should make you feel special and close to your spiritual self.

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