What is the part played by social media for Uber real estate?

The common belief exists that many industries have faced disruption by technology and the integration of social media in daily lives. In the case of the real estate industry, it has seen a transformation through social media and Uber real estate is the proof of that. You must have seen Facebook posts about real estate listings or people looking for suggestions when looking for a new home. The real estate industry has seen a heavy influence of social media and the way people use their favorite social media platforms. Here are a few of the ways how Uber real estate is trying to increase their potential customer base through social media.

Showcasing pictures of listings

One of the ways how Uber of real estate tries to engage the potential buyers through social media is by showcasing pictures and videos about the listings. The buyers who follow the social media page of the company can see beautiful pictures of the listings. They can contact the company if they like the pictures.

Promoting the listings through high-end images and videos

The images that you will see in the social media pages of Uber of real estate are of high-quality and cutting edge. The algorithms of social media platforms and search engines show a high preference for videos and images over written content. Uber has incorporated this very effectively in its strategies.

Using hashtags to increase visibility

One of the crucial things that you will notice in all the social media posts of Uber of real estate is the clever use of hashtags in the posts. Uber real estate uses very relevant hashtags that have high visibility among the netizens. The hashtags like real estate and buying and selling are seen in all of their posts because people frequently use this hashtags to search posts.

Post motivational quotes to engage buyers and sellers

Uber also regularly posts motivational quotes to engage the sellers and buyers. It also posts cute pictures of pets like cats and dogs because nowadays almost every household has a pet. There are also quotes with images posted about the buyers and sellers. There is a variety in their posts which keeps the followers interested and engaged.

Regular posts and updates

You will find regular posts on the social media pages of Uber Real Estate. The company makes sure to catch the eyes of the followers by posting regular pictures and quotes. It helps to keep the followers from forgetting about the company or being disinterested in them.

The social media strategy of Uber of real estate is carefully planned and thought out. The increasing number of followers on their social media pages showcases people’s interest in the company and its work.