Several Styles Of Necklaces

The jewelry that you wear will make you feel handsome and attractive. Necklaces are the main varieties of jewelry, suitable for both men and women, especially for women. The necklace is divided into three categories: gold and silver necklace, jewelry necklace and imitation gold necklace.

Gold And Silver Necklace: With a long history, it is the main variety in the necklace. Gold necklaces are available in 24K (full gold), 18K and 14K. The silver necklace consists of color silver and silver gold plated by 92%. People love to use gold and silver necklaces. The elderly especially prefer the 24K gold necklace, which has the value of preservation (high value) and strong decorative effect. Gold and silver necklaces are mainly available in the following styles:

1, Square Wire Chain: It is mostly processed into semi-products and then hand-finished. It is one of the best-selling varieties on the market because of its thin diameter. This kind of necklace is more suitable for people with slender neck made them slender and feminine, small and exquisite.

2, Horse Whip Chain: In China, it is mainly made by hand processing, and made into a 24K gold necklace, using as a material of the fancy chain. The whip chain is thicker and stronger, which is more suitable for older people.

3, Double Sets Of Chains, Three Sets Of Chains: all belong to the complex processing of the necklace, which is characterized by strong three-dimensional sense, elegant and beautiful. The girl wears elegantly, but its firmness is not good, and it is not convenient to maintain.

4 ,Fancy Chain: This is a new style with the development of society. There is one or several such necklaces are popular every year and every season in the world. The style changes very fast and it is most popular among young people. The fancy chain is composed of a square wire chain and a whip chain clip. It also has a rough chain and a variety of floral pieces. Others are combined with jewelry, and the pearl is precious, especially noble and noble.

5, Mechanism Chain: it is completely made by machine. The shape has pattern, streamlined shape, three-dimensional shape and distinctive abstract pattern.

6, Jewelry Necklace: Compared with the gold and silver necklace, it has a stronger decorative effect and more color change, especially for young and middle-aged people. Jewelry used as a necklace is made of high-grade materials such as crystal, diamond, natural pearl, and ivory, but some are made of cultured beads, agate, coral jade, and green pine. When purchasing such a necklace, we should be taken to match the color to the skin tone. Young people are moisturized, wearing powder crystals, and pearl necklaces will look harmonious and quiet, while wearing colorful jewelry necklaces will look radiant and extraordinary. Older people use sapphire, jade, and green pine necklaces, which will look young and dignified.

Choosing necklaces of different textures depends on the economic situation and the decorative effect, not the more expensive is better. Older people prefer to use high-quality, fine-grained necklaces; middle-aged people should choose strong craftsmanship and texture mid-range; while young people choose good texture and new style. In general, it is better to buy gold and silver necklaces, because these necklaces have a long shelf life, and if the styles are outdated, they can be reworked and have high preservation efficiency.

As a part of the necklace, it is very important to choose pendants which can add color to the necklace, otherwise, it will affect the decorative effect, so we should pay attention to choose it. The pendants can be made of different materials such as gold and silver, jewelry and gold and silver plus gems. In principle, all kinds of necklaces can be equipped with corresponding pendants. But in fact, some necklaces can be used without pendants, such as some fancy necklaces and jewelry necklaces. If the necklace and pendant are to be matched, the same material and the same texture (except for the jewel) should be used as much as possible. As for the choice of styles, it is usually appropriate for older people to adopt rules and solemnity, such as jade pendants and diamond pendants; young people are vivid and dexterous, such as chicken heart locks and abstract geometric pendants.

The first one is falling in love. If you are single and the opposite sex give you a necklace, you have to think about whether he or she has other meanings behind this behavior. The homonym of the necklace is a love. I send you a necklace, which means that I want to fall in love with you. If both parties are single, and they are usually good friends, when the other party gives you a gift, perhaps her or she wants to further enhance your relationship with you. Therefore, the first meaning of the The Moon and Back Necklace is to fall in love, you need to pay attention.

The second meaning of sending a necklace is to mean to hold each other. If you are already have a boyfriend or a girl, then you have to send a necklace to hold on to each other. The wearing part of the necklace is the neck, which is very close to the heart, and the necklace will have a lock action that locks your heart, which means that the other party does not want you to be taken away by others, and wants to accompany you for the rest of your life. Therefore, sending a necklace between male and female friends is a very good gift, and you can consider it later.

Some people wear necklaces for a long time and then the quality of the necklace is not good. After wearing the necklace, it acts on the sweat glands of the neck and the friction. It is easy to cause allergic reactions to the local skin, new erythematic, blisters, blood rash. This is because the gold necklace contains ingredients that can cause contact dermatitis, especially when sweating on hot days, a certain metal component in the necklace can be dissolved in sweat, increasing the chance of metal contact with the skin and it is easy to penetrate into the skin then cause inflammation.

Therefore, the necklace must be carefully processed to reduce the chance of skin friction and injury, and you don’t wear so long time. When you sleep at night, you should remove the necklace, which can reduce the chance of skin contacting with the necklace by 50%. . In addition, when you take part in labor and bathing, you should also take off the necklace. visit here

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