What Are The Facilities You Can Avail On Hiring Horse-Drawn Carriages For Special Occasions

There something really special about taking a horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park. Not only does it let you enjoy the sights and scenes to your heart’s content, but you also get to have an experience like never before. Whether you want to propose your special someone or just want to take your family on tour around the place, the carriage rides are your best bet. So, here’s taking a look at the perfect occasions for hiring the carriages and the facilities on offer.

The Perfect Occasions For Hiring Horse-Drawn Carriages

There are loads of special occasions for which you can hire the horse-drawn carriages, but some of the occasions stand out among those. It is seen that people usually book the carriage rides for taking a trip around Central Park with family and friends, for proposing to their special one, or just for fun.

The rides are especially popular among couples when they want to pop the big question. Central Park is one of the most famous spots for proposals and weddings, and the carriage ride just makes it even more special than ever. Consider how special it would be when you can propose in Central Park and then organize your wedding there as well. The place is also full of many landmarks, and you can take a ride with your family and friends just to explore those famous spots around the place.

The Special Facilities On Offer

The special facilities on offer make the carriage rides even more special, regardless of the occasion for which you choose it. The reputed companies who offer such carriage ride also let you customize it according to the occasion. For instance, for the romantic rides, you can ask them to arrange bouquets of flower, undercover photographers, and chocolates. These arrangements will make the proposal even more special than ever.

You can also get knowledgeable guides when you want to book the carriages only for landscape tours. Any reputed company offering central park carriage tours/rides will give you experienced guides who will show you the famous spots around the area and tell you the historical significance of the place. The guides will also show the places that come as interesting photo opportunities, and you can show these photos to your friends back home. The weather can get quite chilly in Central Park as winter descends, and you can rely on a good carriage company to offer you blankets as well.

Now that you know all about the special facilities on offer for special occasions, you can go ahead and book a carriage online. Ensure you book in advance to get it exactly on the day that you want.

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