Why Is It Important To Make Learning Strategies For ELL Students

There are many ways in which people try to learn new things. However, the ways they implement is known as learning strategies. Several surveys have shown that the only difference between bad learners and good ones is their ability to implement these strategies efficiently. However, it is of more importance with ELL students, as they are more likely to already have various natural abilities in their native language. They can easily use these abilities to draw from. However, the objective is to help them gather the same abilities in English. This article discusses some of the ways in which you can develop these learning strategies.

Although ELL can have many definitions, in this article, ELL students are those who study in English medium schools or institutes.Sometimes these students need extra attention to understand any subject taught in English.

What Are Some Learning Strategies You Can Implement To Help ELL Students?

Further mentioned below are some strategies that you can implement in your teaching programs to help ELL students learn better:

  • Planning:

Although this seems obvious, this strategy is commonly forgotten by teachers. However, planning is one of the most important steps you need to implement. Teaching the students how to plan the course and learning process can be very fruitful. This will give them a refined sense of their goals and further help them achieve it easily.

ELL students can find it very difficult to learn other subjects in a foreign language, as there are too many gaps in their language knowledge. Nevertheless, if they can plan it right and finish given tasks in time, they can see amazing progress.

  • Monitoring:

Similar to the last point, if students are taught to monitor their work independently, it can help them accelerate their learning effectively. Monitoring your own work gives you a sense of responsibility. Since they are not communication using their first language, it can be quite obvious for them to feel powerless. However, self-monitoring can be an effective measure to help them earn this confidence back.

  • Evaluating:

Irrespective of which subject you teach, it is very important to teach them how to evaluate their progress. Self-evaluation is not only important for the students, but also for the teachers. Students can better know which learning strategy is helping them more with this process. Using this with the other strategies for teaching ell students can be very beneficial.

Mentioned above are some learning strategies that can help a student learn quicker and better.It is very easy for an ELL student to feel out of place and demotivated. However, ensuring these certain steps can eliminate these feelings and help them focus on studies better. However, since not every class is the same, you should tally your class independently and choose the strategies that will help them.