What Are The Basic Rules Of American Football Which You Should Know About Before The Pac -12 Conference

American Football is considered as one of the most intense sports where you need a lot of physical strength along with a lot of stamina. Even though the root of the sports lies in Russia but over the years, America has made the game their own. There are plenty of American Football international tournaments which are organized every year such as the Tri-Nations which consist of New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia, then comes the Six Nations which consists of Ireland, England, Italy, Wales, Scotland, and France, along with other international tournaments such as the Heineken Cup and other tournaments which have high esteem value throughout the world.

Basic Objective Of The Game

The primary objective of American Football is to score more points than the opponent within 80 minutes which is the allocated time for every match. The team who will have the maximum points at the end of the match will be considered as the winner. If both the team has the same number of points, then the match will be declared as a draw match.

To gain points, the players should carry the ball up the field by dodging the players of the other teams. The ball can be either be carried forward or kicked forward while being chased down by the players of the other team. Throughout the game, the opponents will attack their opposition for preventing them from gaining points.

Number Of Players And Equipment Needed For The Game

In a game of American Football, each team will consist of 15 players. The 15 players will be divided into two halves, which are known as the forward and backward. These two halves are segregated even further such as eight forwards and seven backward.

The American Football pitch is divided equally three sections which are the primary playing section which mustn’t exceed more than 110 meters and two goal areas which range from 10m to 20. The pitch should be of 70 meters, and the goal post resemblances the H shape and has a distance of 5-7 meters from one pole to another without any restriction in its height.

The players need to wear gum shield, shoulder pads, shin pads, along with studded boots and each player of a team will need to wear the same jersey along with matching socks and shorts.


The game will be held into two halves and each half will be of 40 minutes and will have a 10 minutes rest period for the players between these two halves.

Each team will have 15 players and can have a maximum of 7 substitutes.

Planning to watch the pac-12 conference, make sure that you have revised the rules and regulation before the match.

So, if you are looking forward to watching any of the American Football matches, make sure that you have revised the rules beforehand.

Everything You Need To Know About NFR

The National Finals Rodeo or NFR is one of the happening events in Las Vegas and you should go for the same at least once in your life. As of 2018, it would be the 34th year of the event that takes place for ten long days. The overall feel and the look of Las Vegas get changed. Numerous fans of NFR check out for the Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots and outsized hats. These are also available in Las Vegas hotels, restaurants, casinos, shopping complexes, showrooms and others. To enjoy the happening event, you need not be a cowboy or a cowgirl.

How Many Rounds Take Place In The Event?

There are 10 Wrangler NFR rounds and each of the rounds take place in each of the 10 days. Every contestant is given the chances to compete once each day. In any around, the barrel racers and cowboys can earn money by gaining the first place throughout the six rounds.Similar to this, you can also get the first place throughout the eight rounds on an average. In this way, you would be able to earn cumulative points in the event. After each Wrangler NFR, there are two champions from each of the teams. In addition to this, the average winner gets the best cumulative points for any of the events over the ten rounds. The person would be considered the world champion who has completed the event with the highest amount of the prize money.Further, the situation could be such that the person winning the average winner and the one who is the world champion is either the same person or the different one.

How The City Celebrates The Event?

Since Las Vegas does everything by celebrating significantly, this event is no exception. As soon as you arrive at the city, you would be able to feel entertainment and the action in every corner of the city. The complete picture of the city changes during the time of the events, as the name of the hotels are changed by the name of the brightest stars. Also, the restaurants, bars, and the casinos try to out-do each other in the way they decorate the place during this event.

However, you also have to option to watch National Finals Rodeo online from the comfort of your home or desk.

Therefore, do not miss out upcoming a big event that is to take place in Las Vegas and enjoy every bit of the event to the fullest. You would love to watch the ten days long competition and entertainment. You can stream it online or via various electronic devices, or you can also subscribe for the same and get the subscription packs that suit your requirements the best.

Million-Dollar Monster Energy Cup All-Star Race

Everybody wants to be a millionaire at one point. One can participate in the choosing their favorite rider who he or she thinks is going to win at all three crucial events of the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. Then he or she gets to win a million dollar and fulfill their dreams. The riders need to succeed in all the three laps of the exhibition race. The championship even airs at various TV channels like Fox network, Fox Sports 1, Fox borough and the entire Fox family. Fans outside U.S and Canada can have access to watch the championship online by subscribing to the video pass and gain the liberty to watch it live on monster energy portal and app.

What Are The Statistics Of The Audience In Monster Energy Supercross?

Researches show that about eighty thousand fans were witnessing the terrific competition on the track in its last season and on average it gains the attention of fifty thousand fans on each race.

Some Facts About The FIM World Championship

There are various important factors that one must know about the Monster Energy Supercross. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is an off-road bike racing championship that takes place indoors. It is said that the races are made from dirt dragged into stadiums. This helps in preventing the common obstacles experienced on the road like jumps, turns, and bumps and puts them in easy view of spectators.
  • The 450SX Class and the 250SX Class are the two divisions of the classes in the race. It is divided into East and West areas, and each has its champion.
  • It has four or five gears in it, and the shift lever is at the left foot peg.The bikes can be of any color, but usually the teams’ sticks with the same colors as the machines.
  • The ultimate evolution of the sport can be witnessed with the Supercross track.In between the various hurdles, the riders must negotiate every round are whoop sections, rhythm sections and triple jumps. Many of the turns have heaped turn, but some are also flat.
  • It takes about five hundred trucks of dirt piled to make the Supercross track. Soil conditions can either be muddy, sandy, rutted or could be of any combination. Regular riders would find it terrible to go around even on a Supercross track, live alone racing at high speed for that matter. All such exciting facilities the rider can get at Monster Energy Supercross

American motorcycle association in collaboration with Monster Energy Supercross has brought this great opportunity to give fans a token of appreciation for their love towards racing series and their incredible participation in making this event grow every year.

Bathurst 1000: Tv Schedule, Start Time

As the name suggests, Bathurst 1000 is a touring race that spans for 1000 kilometers held annually at the famous Mount Panorama Circuit in New South Wales, Australia. For those with a taste for an adrenaline rush, such an event of supercar championship competing heatedly for the first space holds much appeal. It is one of the most popular andrevered motorsports in Australia with millions of enthusiastic fans turning up each year to witness the event. Also termed as “the great race” by devoted fans and media circles, Bathurst 1000 is considered to be at the pinnacle of motorsports in Australia.

Origin Of Bathurst 1000

Conceived initially as endurance motorsport in 1960 at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, the 1960 Armstrong 500 was a race for standard sedan cars. It was later relocated to Bathurst in 1963,and hence the name Bathurst 1000 was adopted along with the location ever since. Bathurst 1000 is held on the popular Mount Panorama Circuit that was first opened and used in 1938 for the Australian Grand Prix and later became the regular hosting ground for such races.

Held in October every year, such a race holds a lot of appeals and attracts competitors, sponsors, and audience not just from Australia but from all over the globe. The track weaves through a complex network of twists and turns with straight roads as well, making it a perfectly balanced venue for hosting races. Increased safety regulations according to international FIA standards also mate it immensely safe for viewers and drivers alike.

Schedule For 2018 Bathurst 1000

Dubbed as the “world’s premier production saloon car race” the circuit rests on a mountain with a difference of 174m in height between its lowest and highest point. There have been numerous changes in the class, type and general regulations of the race since it was first hosted. Since 2006, all the winners of Bathurst 1000 race were awarded the Peter Brock trophy introduced in memory of the legendary “King of the Mountain” Peter Brock, who won the event nine times.

According to the 2018 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 schedule, the motor racing event for the current year has been decided upon to commence from 4th to 7th October during the weekends. Scheduled to be held at the same race venue with a 1000km race and is set to be the second event of the 2018 Enduro Cup with live streams by websites available for those wishing not to miss the live action.

Bathurst 1000 is not only one of the most renowned and widely covered race event in the motorsport industry, but have also produced talents that are immortally etched in the records of the sports industry. With the oncoming event, the spirits are charged with enthusiasm and anticipation on who the next winner would be this season.

Ryder Cup 2018: Date, Time, Schedule

This is a tournament of the golf sport and is a biennial men’s tournament. It is between the two continents, England and America and the competition started in the year 1927. It was named after Samuel Ryder from England, a businessman who donated the cup. There are multiple options via which you can watch the Ryder Cup 2018 online. The tournament is held every two years at venues between courses of Europe and America alternatively. You can view the various matches of the competition online through many devices.

Details of the Ryder Cup 2018

  • Date –this was the 42nd Ryder Cup, and the matches were over a period of about three days from the 28th of September to the 30th of September, 2018. Four of each of the fourball and the foursome matches were played on the 28th, and the 29th (Friday and Sunday) were held and on the final day or the Day Three, Sunday there were twelve singles matches among the competitors.
  • Time –on the 28th of September, 2018 the tournament started at 11.30 in the morning at Albatros Course in France. It went on for the entire weekend till the 30th of the month, the final day of the tournament where the tournament came to an end.

  • Schedule – On Day 1, Friday four foursome or alternative matches, as well as the four fourball or better ball matches, took place. On the Day Two, Saturday as well there were four fourball matches and four foursome matches that were held. On the Day Three of the tournament, Sunday there were held twelve singles matches throughout the day.

  • TV Channels –many TV channels broadcast these matches for you to watch them staying at home from any part of the world. The Sky Sports, Ziggo Sport and GOLF+ are the three major TV channels that broadcast this tournament outside of the USA. You can subscribe to these channels and watch the tournament to your heart’s content.

  • Streaming Devices –you can know the year’s Ryder Cup schedule as well as the fixtures, time and date of the games and then search for the online streaming of these matches through the various devices. You can watch them on your TV channels or your mobile devices, for both Android as well as iOS. You can also watch the streaming from the tablets, PlayStations or Xbox.

You can watch the various options of viewing the Ryder Cup 2018, through a number of devices as well as the various online streaming sites. If you are a lover of the sport, you will keep track of all these different info about one of the major tournaments of the game.