What Are The Things To Consider Before You Become A Surrogate Mother

When planning to become a surrogate mother, a lot of important things come in your way. This should not be done by compromising your relationship. It should be teamwork, and your relationship should be filled with compassion. There are some of the reasons for which a surrogate contract is a vital one. For any legal agreements, the lawyer should be present. Other than this, there are some important things to consider before you negotiate on becoming a surrogate mother.

Talking About Surrogate Compensation

Your surrogate parent gets compensation during pregnancy. It also includes some additional expenses such as invasive process, maternity clothing, c-section and others which you need to discuss with your surrogate. Here, the attorney will discuss the details of each expense with a surrogate. Therefore, before finalizing the contract, check when you have to make the payments. In addition, also try to know how to handle the finance and details of fees.

Lost Wages At The Time Of Pregnancy

You have to pay for lost wages of your surrogate as she is going to miss her work for maternal leaves. When the girl agrees to become a surrogate, she has to make some financial sacrifices. This includes taking bed rest after pregnancy.

Important Medical Decisions

When there is uncertainty about becoming surrogate, knowing about the details of a medical condition is important. This will help to know about the number of fetuses, the number of embryos. Also, it helps to know about the capability of surrogate on abortion and whether the doctor can perform amniocentesis or not.

How To Handle Post-Birth Relationships?

You have to handle what kind of relationship you wish to maintain with the surrogate once you get the baby. Here, you have to think about whether you would allow the baby to have future contact with surrogate or not. However, these are some vital matters to discuss before surrogate gives birth to the baby.

Correct Way Of Breast Pumping

Do you want the surrogate to pump breast milk? For this, first, you have to take consent of the surrogate. For additional time and effort, you have to pay the surrogate no matter what. So, it is better to discuss these topics, including whether she is willingly becoming a surrogate or not. This shall help to maintain a healthy relationship with your surrogate throughout her pregnancy.

However, other than this, it is important to understand how privacy plays a vital role during pregnancy. This also includes whether you wish to disclose the surrogate news to public or not. Therefore, the medical information can be changed. So, before agreeing with the contract, it is important to know about every detail.