How to Fix The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Error?

If you are a Windows user and if you are reading this article, you must be seeing the error, “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” on your computer. This error often comes when people are trying to open the files, which are located in external hard drives. It is completely natural for you to feel frustrated when dealing with such an error in your computer as well.

However, there are few useful methods, which you can follow to overcome the requested operation requires elevation error. Here are some of the most important tips out of them to consider.

  1. Open the file or application as Administrator

When your user account doesn’t have administrative privileges, there is a high possibility for you to come across this error. Therefore, you need to think about opening the file or application as the administrator. To do that, you need to right click on the app and then visit Properties. Once you are in properties, you need to switch to the Compatibility tab. Then you can see a checkbox, which is named as “Run this program as administrator”. You can now save the changes and try to open the file again.

  1. Turn off the UAC

UAC refers to User Access Control feature in your Windows computer. You can turn off this feature to go ahead with opening the file or application where you had issues with.

To begin with, you need to visit the Control Panel. It is possible to access the control panel by pressing on the Windows key and then typing control panel. Once you are in control panel, you need to go to the section called user accounts. In there, you need to find an option named User Account settings. After you click that, you need to drag the control level down, until it points against Never Notify. You can now click OK and save the settings. It is also better to restart the computer, so that you can make sure that all changes are applied and you can start opening the files or applications without any hassle.

  1. Change the ownership of a drive

If any of the above-mentioned solutions are not working, the next best option available for you to consider would be to change the ownership of drive. You should only go for it when you are seeing the error message “The requested operation requires elevation”.

To begin with, you must log into the computer with administrator account and locate the hard drive. Then you should right click on the hard drive, select properties and switch to the Security tab. Under Advanced security settings, you need to click on Owner and hit edit. Then you will be able to set yourself as the owner of the external drive. You just need to select the administrator account as the owner and save the settings. Now you will be able to successfully overcome the message that you get on your computer.

What Are The Various Types Of Cell Phone Chargers In The Market Today

The cell phone industry is famous for the different producers declining to discuss even the most fundamental things to bring a type of consistency over gadgets. Apple guarantees they are pioneers who drive changes in charging velocity and consistent quality. While whatever remains of the world observes their common connector alterations as very little more than profiteering by constraining individuals who effectively possess a few links to then purchase more. All USB links have a similar connector toward one side, known as a plug. Here in this content, you will get to know about the popular top chargers in the market today.

Types Of Chargers


The small scale USB connector is currently by a wide margin the most usually utilized connector for cell phones and tablets. The micro USB before long turned into the go-to connector for cell phone producers. This is to a great extent driven by the selection of the EU standard for every single cell phone sold in Europe. It appeared well and good for Samsung, LG and so on to utilize only a single kind for overall dispersion to minimize expenses. As of not long ago, this is the nearest the cell phone world has ever come to having a charging standard.


Thus, Apple is an organization who has made millions just from authorizing its connector innovation to link producers. Where do they stand? At the point when the EU requested every single cell phone utilize a similar connector, Apple got around this by making connectors accessible. That would enable them to continue utilizing their very own restrictive connectors. This workaround proceeds right up ’til today. As we’ve seen, there’s no assurance Apple won’t keep on profiting from authorizing their very own innovation to link makers as opposed to utilizing USB-C later on.


USB-C likely could be the eventual fate of USB charging for cell phones. You realize that little person who lives in your PC, whose sole occupation is to flip the port round when he sees you coming? It is so you can never connect a USB link the first time? Well, his residency is under danger.

Wireless Chargers

This is one of the chargers which have a vast array of benefits. You can use the wireless charger at any time anywhere. This can be carried, and you are saved from the effort of connecting it to the wire. The wire not being there is a great option of benefit for the user.

These are the various types of chargers for the phone which you can avail in the market today. They are the most popular chargers, and you must have seen or used all of the ones that are mentioned above. With a proper charger, you can keep the battery life of the phone better.

Complete Guide On Jiofi Router / Jiofi Dongle

Jio is the foremost telecom company to offer VoLTE services to customers across the world. It offers high-speed internet connection making it easy for users. Different bandwidth and frequencies are available under this network. You can easily connect the dongle or router with a compatible smartphone and access the internet. As of now, 5G devices are also available in the market making it easy for the use of the customers.

Procedure To Set Up Jiofi

  • You have to open back cover of JioFi and then insert the Sim and the battery in the device. You have to place the sim in such a way that the chip faces downward and then close the cover of the device.
  • Then you have to press and hold the power button of the device for some time and open the device.
  • The signal indicator would come up along with the Wi-Fi indicator. The battery indicator sign would come up on the screen of the device.
  • You have to check whether the signal indicator is green or blue in color. It would ensure that the device has good network providing high-speed internet.
  • The setup of the device is complete, and it is ready to be used for accessing high-speed internet.

How To Make Calls Or Access Message Service Through The Dongle?

  • First, you will have to connect your smartphone with the JioFi dongle.
  • Then, you have to download the Jio voice application from the play store and install the same.
  • As you tap on the application on the smartphone, it would start to install.
  • In this step, you will have to use your JioFi SSID to complete the installation procedure.
  • Then enter the OTP that has been sent to your alternate number.
  • You have to grant the required permission by the application so that it can be used smoothly on the smartphone.
  • The tele-verification is required, and therefore, if you are a non- eKYC customer, you can get the same by dialing 1977 from the application. By this, you will be able to activate the Jio service on the sim.
  • After you complete the installation of the application, open the dialler of the phone, and you can start to make HD calls and message using the Jio sim.

Therefore, you can also Reset Jiofi Router Default Settings in jiofi local html in case of any configuration problem in the device.

However, to have access to high speed internet connection, getting this router or dongle would be the best option. The Jio network connection would be offering free subscriptions for all its existing customers so that they can continue using the same easy access to internet connection offered by Jio.